Haymarket Financial MediaGreater China Treasury and Cash Management Forum | 16 June 2017, Shenzhen



The Hong Kong Investment Funds Association (“HKIFA”) is a non-profit-making organization that represents the asset management industry in Hong Kong.  We have two major roles, namely consultation and education.   On consultation, we work closely with the authorities to relay the views of our members on issues that have implications for the asset management industry.  On education, we spearhead initiatives to enable Hong Kong people to understand more about the risk/return characteristics of mutual funds; and to use them effectively for retirement investment and other financial planning purposes.  We have 67 fund management companies as full/overseas members, managing about 1,350 SFC-authorized funds.  Assets under management were about US$1,130 billion as at the end of April 2017.  In addition, we have 60 affiliate and associate members.